The New Camera is here – First look – Sony NEX-3

How did I end up buying a Sony NEX-3??  – I want a camera to carry around for personal use for images up to around 12×8, or a little larger at a push. Well, lugging all that heavy Canon Pro gear  around isn’t something you do for personal work (1series bodies and hefty lens’s), after hours, or going for a walk or to the pub, and I’ve gotten very lazy about developing film from the Leica M6 Lately (even though I really think its the best ever) I wanted an M9, (still do)  – I thought I wanted an x100, but got to play with one in my local camera store last Sunday, and sorry Mr Fuji, I didn’t like it… So, as is my custom I gathered up a bunch of RAW files from around the net, ran them through my usual workflow with Capture One, and bang for buck, the Sony wins hands down. Lens selection isn’t great, and it isn’t so pocketable, but its really easy to use in manual mode (with single point AF) and the files so far are  looking good, especially for the price. I’m gonna try some manual lenses on it soon, and make some prints with the Epson 9900 for proper evaluation. Heres a link to the first look images, taken as soon as the battery was charged. If they look soft, blame it on the JPEGS. test1


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