Further adventures in NEX-3 Land

Tests with the new Sony NEX are continuing, and I must express myself very well pleased in general. The sensor is well up to the task, and the 18-55 lens, despite some fairly hairy distortion at some focal lengths (correctable) is holding its own against a lot of my Canon prime and zooms. This is something of a surprise, naturally. Of the third-party lenses I’ve tested on it, the Zeiss ZM 50 2.0 is pretty amazing, giving a nice 75mm equivalent, but no IS. Attached are a few more random photos. Unlike the previous posting, I’ve been a bit more careful with these, ensuring the camera is well stabilised, to see what it can do. I always shoot manual, with live histogram on and centre focus point enabled. All post processing in Capture on Pro 6.2, always RAW files. Only one of these made it as far as Photoshop. The two of the cemetery taken with the Zeiss, the remainder with the 18-55. The absolute beauty of this is, of course that it is easy to carry around, and not obtrusive. All in a package costing very little for the results obtained. Next step is to go to firmware 3 and see what that does.


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