Sony NEX update

I’m working away with the NEX-3 and getting to know it now. This post contains 2 series of photos, One lot from Holidays in Sicily, and the other from an event I attended in Cork, Ireland over the weekend. For a holiday camera, the screen vs viewfinder is an issue, especially in bright sunlight. Also its becoming apparent that the headroom on the raw files, or perhaps the DR is somewhat short for subjects with a long tonal scale.
Otherwise, its great value for money and well worth the cost so far. (Incidentally, I’m using PT lens to straighten out the fairly horrific distortion with the kit lens at certain apertures, and Capture one PRO version 6 for all the raw processing). The photo of the Gothic church interior is a HDR composite, bracketed over around 5 stops, but still shows a bit of shadow noise. The camera was on a step, propped up a bit on my credit card holder. Unlike the others, this one did have a lot of post production!


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