Some recent commercial work

John Holden from Stena Line, Rosslare, Ireland.
Photographed in pouring rain and semi-darkness on December 21st.

I’ve been extremely busy lately with commercial assigments, from brochure photography, to corporate portraits. Clients expect things to be right, delivered quickly, and at a very favourable price point. One of the more challenging of these recent jobs has been a corporate portrait for Stena Line’s international staff magazine, ‘Connections’. With a circulation of over 6,000 internationally, and published in English and Swedish, the art director was very specific about the type of portrait he wanted. Sea based, plenty of blank space, and including the Stena brand. I could do my own creative interpretation within that brief. We got the ducks lined up in Rosslare, including working out the light, the ship in the background, in the right place (at sea under full steam) and the subject, ready to be photographed between shifts as the boat set sail for Fishguard. We had a three minute window to get the shot. Naturally, being Ireland, at 8.45 a.m. towards the end of December, it was almost dark, with sideways rain coming at us all the way from Wales. Got the shot though, and a commendation from Tidningskompaniet, the Gothenburg agency which handles their publications. Another satisfied customer, but with a very wet subject, and an even wetter photographer!


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