Anyone got a 240Mp camera handy?

We recently had a big technical conference in town. I decided to get technical myself, by way of a really mad sized panoramic, the largest I’ve done to date. So, headed across to the other side of the river and set up the camera, nice and level, and waited for sunset. Luckily, conditions were good, so the shots came out well. Kept everything in 16 bit the whole way throught, and only did a final reduction to 8 bit TIFF for printing which was a 750 megabyte file (although the printer would have taken 16bit) The final print is currently hanging in the foyer of Wexford Opera House, where it will remain for another week or two. To give you some indication of quality online isn’t really possible, other than to show you a  slice, and that is reduced considerably as well.  To get it to it’s final 40,000 by 6,000 pixels, the original files were all upsized by almost 80%, which is pushing it as well…

A couple of interesting things included seeing the level of light fall off in the sky from south east, to south-west, caused by a combination of the position of sunset, and the time to get a series of frames from one side of the image to the other. If I had shot left to right, instead of the other way, it might have been better. Also, with a dynamic range probably in excess of 15 stops, squeezing as much detail as possible from the raw files, particularly the shadows did show the limitation of the 1D mkIV. The lens didn’t have too much trouble with it. We lost some DR detail here and there, but hey, I think looking into peoples living rooms at eight in the evening might not be such a good idea anyway! White balance is, of course the other one. Most night time shots like this are quite red, but I decided to daylight balance to some degree. This put even more stress on the conversions from raw, so more noise to watch out for, especially in the shadows and blues. Finally, despite my best attempts, some perspective correction was necessary as well before final printing. Dodging and burning is quite fun with files this size as well…..

Next time I’m going to try a daylight landscape panoramic with a very large depth of field, to push things even further! There are some very nice yellow oil-seed fields around at present…..


Look at the scale of this in relation to the photo above with me in it:


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