tempus fugit – bye bye facebook

My new website is live and running. http://www.gerlawlor.com.

During the process of developing the site, and building various links I took a fairly hard look at my social media habits. it seems that I’ve become a compete Facebook junkie….

So I’ve switched Facebook from my personal page to land directly on the business page, which, of course remains active. I’ve turned off all notifications and deleted facebook apps from the phone and the ipad.

Let’s see what I can use the 5+ hours per week for. That’s before thinking about the effect on my head space from the negativity, rampant self promotion, plain spam, amens, ‘when she opened…’ and of course rampant misinformation about everything from health to politics. I will miss all the free cars, iphones, ipads and so on though…


farewell facebook


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