Thank you Microsoft….

…..(or I want to strangle someone)

Have a read of this:

Outlook 2016: POP3 duplicates after installing the February 16 Update

So thanks to an ‘update’ on outlook, I have lost all emails on my remote server, and once I prevented further losses there, all emails since are being re-loaded onto my desktop machine every time I start Outlook. Hundreds of megabytes and an inbox that looks like a hall of mirrors.

So my desktop machine has multiple copies, and my Windows phone and tablet have lost the lot….

Would it have been too much, Mr Gates to send your subscribers a note saying that there were some problem and that you were trying to sort it out –  I’m a sole trader with limited resources, and I manage to apologise to my customers when things are not quite going to plan.

Lord only knows what will happen when I do the downgrade.

Maybe it will turn my global dictionary back to proper English – the machine thinks I moved to America since a few upgrades ago…..



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