Square Photos, farewell Windows Phone, and goodbye Sony A6000′


Some time ago, I wrote at length about my Windows Phone.

Sadly, I abandoned it – because Microsoft did too! Poor support, and constant re-boots made it virtually unusable, so I had no choice other than to ditch it.

I now have an iPhone SE which after a lot of getting used to, and a fairly steep learning curve is my constant companion for everything – with an unexpected side effect:

Since I started using the iPhone, my Sony A6000 has become irrelevant. Sure, It takes great pictures and so on, but in truth, the user interface is awful, and the controls are so fiddly, especially the thumbwheel, meaning that more often than not, the camera ends up at a different setting by the time I’ve finished a session. I shoot manual only all the time, so nothing should change THAT easily!! I didn’t even take it on holidays this year!

And the square photos?

I am completely sold on Instagram.  More posts on this to follow in quick succession!











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