Windows 10 Mobile – A Mini Review



Today I’m taking a look at windows 10 Mobile (beta) running on my Lumia 640.

I’ll update this review as time goes by – These are my views and I might even make the odd mistake….

Overall it works, which is just a well, as this is my main phone.

REMEMBER WHEN READING THIS – it’s a beta OS release.

Upgrading was verrrry slow – the phone seemed to stop towards the end, but got there eventually – like after about two hours. The first thing I noticed was that a good number of the apps didn’t work properly straight off.

  • The phone seems a bit faster than when running 8.1
  • Text messages didn’t notify or appear in the window – SERIOUS
  • New items in the calendar didn’t sync into my microsoft account, but insisted on going into my google calendar, which is obsolete, but the account stays on the phone for other reasons. SERIOUS, but subsequently solved.
  • No week view in the Calendar – YUK
  • A horrible month view in the calendar app
  • No picture icons for websites pinned to the start window – we’re stuck with Edge rateher than Explorer, which may be the reason?
  • Voice/speech recognition doesn’t work any more, unless, apparently, the phone was set to USA English  before the upgrade. Going to USA now might work, but I couldn’t suffer USA predictive English! A roll back might and re-upgrade work – not worth it
  • The phone still randomly reboots
  • ‘Groups’ in the people app is very different – you can’t text a group without opening the group first, which is a pain. I use this feature a lot.
  • When you start a text to a group, only the first six or so members show in the window, so it isn’t possible to remove others – as you would if texting some but not all members of the group.
  • The back arrow doesn’t close the apps any more, they all continue run in the background unless closed manually
  • Tweets don’t seem to be downloading pictures all of the time.
  • Photos in the screenshot folder aren’t syncing with OneDrive, those in camera roll and saved pictures are.
  • Bluetooth seems flaky (i.e unreliable)
  • Fitbit doesnt sync as well as it used to.


FIXES (and outstanding problems):

  • The phone did a further upgrade all by itself a day later.
  • Manually updating ALL of the apps sorted out a lot of it – over 20 apps updated.
  • A lot of the apps look different.
  • A lot of the apps opened very slowly the first time after the upgrade, but then were fine
  • The Calendar is better now, with a nice week view and it now  works with the MS account.
  • Groups still not right – A SERIOUS PAIN
  • No voice recognition for now – PAIN
  • Still no icons on links in Edge – Irritating, as the icons can’t be reduced the smallest size, ’cause there’s no text either, then.
  • Tweets still don’t always have pictures
  • Still randomly rebooting
  • Bluetooth seems to have settled down
  • The jury is still out on the fitbit connectivity.
  • I can’t as yet get screenshots to sync – PAIN



  • The phone reminds me whats in the calendar when its shutting down!
  • The clean UI
  • Finding new sites with fixes and workarounds (thats irony, by the way)



This has a way to go yet for real world use. I’d say, unless you are a techie, don’t go near it, but then, you probably don’t have a windows phone unless you are a techie anyway. I kinda like it overall, notwithstanding the outstanding items above. But as you probably don’t have a windows phone anyway, just enjoy the read, and try not to laugh at those of us who follow the path to eventual perfection…..

One of these days Microsoft WILL rule the world!

The Easter bunny is on his way and all….